Friday, February 15, 2013

Cultivating Mars

                Here's an idea, there is all this activity to investigate mars looking for life on the planet. Why don't we take life to mars? We could make progress in establishing a habit by bringing seeds of plants that are very hardy here on earth. My idea would be to bring the seeds of the hardy mesquite bush to the red planet. We have all this technology to genetically engineer things, why couldn't we engineer mesquite bush seeds to grow on mars. There thousands of plants here on earth that grow wild without any help from humans. I know this may be a long shot, but after watching some shows on YouTube about finding life on mars I got to thinking why can't we just take life to mars and let it grow and take over on its own and the plants would create an atmosphere that would allow eventual human habitation on mars. All the people out there that believe in evolution should also believe that life here on earth can grow and evolve to survive on the surface of mars. It only makes since then you would have an opportunity to prove that life does evolve no matter what kind of conditions. Really I thought this was such a good idea I had to blog about it. Just think a bunch of plants that we call weeds being genetically altered to grow on the conditions of mars then they grow "like weeds" which is what they are and they cultivate the planet for us. We don't even need to send in humans to do the gardening because the plants will grow on their own and all we have to do is wait for it to take over the planet, establish and atmosphere and when it is done then we send in humans to inhabit the land. I know this might be nothing more than science fiction but I still thought it was an idea that I must share. Knowing that I will never get in contact with scientists from NASA or anything I can still blog my ideas after all this is my blog so I can post anything I want to. Just think of the possibilities!


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