Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hello again everybody!
                   I just want to thank everyone that visits my blog. I know this is time spent that you could be using to do other things, which is why I try to keep posting interesting topics. As well as going to college full-time I try to write about topics about strategy. I believe this is an area in which can benefit people from all walks of life. Strategy doesn't necessarily have to be about war time strategies like I believe most people to think of when they hear the term strategy. It can range from anywhere to clipping coupons to save money or how you are going to approach the way you will design and build your house, not only how it will look but how long you want it to take and also how you will pay for it. What I am saying is that I think if we each take some joy in the daily decisions that we make then it can enrich our lives for the better. If anyone has some ideas on what kind of topic you would like to see discussed. Then by all means feel free to leave a comment and I will try my best to write about it. I am not a professional writer by all means but everyone has to start somewhere, so again by all means please leave some feedback.
                                  Your friend,
                                                      The Strategist

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