Sunday, March 9, 2014

Follow Through

       The follow through to your strategy is as important as any other step in making a good strategy. Most people will make a strategy and not follow through with it. If you plan something it is always a good idea to get in the habit of following through with what you decide to do. Here is an example, say that you put money aside to go to the movies. You found a new movie coming out that you really want to see. You put aside say $25 and you go to the ticket booth put down $8 for the matinee, leaving you with $17. You really want to use this extra money for buying beer for that night, but you told yourself that you were going to give yourself some extra money to buy a drink and some snacks for the movie. Now what should you do? You saved this money specifically for the movies, snacks and all. You could use this money for beer, but you really gave yourself some extra money to get things in the lobby. I would say with following through you would need to go ahead and buy yourself some concessions. The only way to know if your great idea to go the movies and spend some money getting snacks can only be realize buy following through with it. Now the next time you go to the movies you may decide that this was all a bad idea and go ahead and spend it on beer. The only way to learn is to follow through at least once. Then go from there and formulate another strategy or improve upon the old one.


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